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Dark Glass


The 2 build scripts depends on python Image library or 'convert', which is part of ImageMagick.

To install this set:
1. download the zip file
2. extract the zip file
3. cd into the DarkGlass_Reworked folder
4. open a terminal there
5. run "python DarkGlass_Reworked"
or "./buildset" for the old script (the python script is just faster)
6. get a beer, coffee, tea?
7. Install the icon theme in KDE Control Panel
8. Enjoy

Note: if you want to change the color of the default (darkGrey) folder, you need to
do this before to launch the script.
Go in the DarkGlass_Reworked/128x128/filesystem folder, take es: the blue_folder,
copy this in other location and change the name in "folder".
Copy this picture in DarkGlass_Reworked/128x128/filesystem/ and in DarkGlass_Reworked/128x128/actions/.
Now the default color for simple folder is the blue.

This icon set is an implementation of many 3d icons directly produced from mentalrey (me) and some Os-K icon,
the target is to have many icons whth glass/metal effect (not too much photorealistic).
Normally I prefer to use icons from 72 to 128 pixel, I hope you like it.

99% of this set is GPL now and what's not is most likely creative commons
(a tiny number of the mime types may be proprietary).
PLEASE abide by the licence rules, if you use icons from this set please research and credit
the appropriate people. I have been given permission to release other peoples art work under
the GPL so respect the licence.

Enjoy ")

*Credits must go to:
*Mentalrey for many glass icons.

*AleXander Kirichev for Slackware kmenu icon.
*Amira Julia for the original art work that provided some printer and desktop icons.
*Dirceu for the user avatars.
*EKrava for the kmenu_Kubuntu icon.
*Everaldo Coelho (realistiK & Crystal) - Ultra high quality open source icons.
*Everaldo for the emotions.
*Futurosoft for a couple of their GPL icons.
*Guppetto (OS-L) - for (among other things) the best folder icons ever.
*hammergom for kde_fedora icon, K3B, XGame and many icons from his Crystal Glossy set.
*Keyser Soze for the Debian kmenu.
*Marco Martin (Glaze) - for many actions.
*Marco Martin for the kwifi icons.
*Marc Mironescu for some email icon.
*Matias Costa for creating some folder open and folder locked icons.
*Rowancompsciguy for the laptop battery icons
*Yaco for the Skype icon.

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