Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my icons to show up on the front page?

We take any quality icon sets that meet the following criteria and we flag them for display

How do I submit icons?

Let us know where we can download your icon set!

Can I restrict the use of my icons?

Yes, as long as it still permits some form of use. E.g. You can require attribution (a link to your site), only allow non-comerical use, disallow derivative works, or only let people who like puppies use you work.

What licenses can icons be submitted under?

Any license that permits some form of use of the icon set. You can make your own license or you can use one of many existing ones (E.g. Most designers select one of the Creative Commons license.) We mantain and display license info for each icon set as well as any additional instructions you provide.

How can I get my icon higher up in search results?

We use a ranking algorithm that automatically determines and scores each icon based on a number of criteria including: