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Shield antivirus protection green
128 x 128
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Available in 7 Sizes

Shield antivirus protection green
256 x 256
Shield antivirus protection green
128 x 128
Shield antivirus protection green
64 x 64
Shield antivirus protection green
48 x 48
Shield antivirus protection green
32 x 32
Shield antivirus protection green
24 x 24
Shield antivirus protection green
16 x 16

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Demo License Agreement:

This is a legal agreement between You and the Icons-Land company. By downloading any Demo icons (The Icons) from our website you agree to the following:

All of The Icons remain the property of

The Icons can be used royalty-free by You for any personal or commercial projects including software application, documentation, computer game, gui design, web design, advertising, film, video.

In case of website You must put a back link with credits to on every page where Icons-Land Works are used. Link must be placed in easy-to-see and recognizable place.
In case of software application You must put a back link with credits to on About form of the application.
In other cases You must put a back link with credits to on some page or screen of your project or on relative website.

The license DOES NOT permit following uses:
a) The Icons may no be resold, sublicensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use or detached from a product, software application or web page;
b) The Icons may not be modified in shape and/or color;
c) The Icons may not be placed in downloadable format without this License;

You may NOT use, or allow anyone else to use The Icons to create pornographic, libelous, obscene, or defamatory material.

All icon files are provided "as is". You agree not to hold liable for any damages that may occur due to use, or inability to use, icons or image data from Icons-Land.

To obtain Commercial License Agreement for The Icons please purchase icons on Icons-Land website site

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