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Icon SetNatsu

Natsu, Document

Natsu document
128 x 128
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Natsu document
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Natsu document
128 x 128

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Here's my first icon set ever. This is icon set that I made to use myself, because, well, I'm bore of sparkling, elegant and glassy icons.

I like art that have warm 'handmade" feeling, the non-perfection and non-symmetry. Therefore I create these icons with handmade drawing and traditional watercolour painting. So, this icon set is suited for people who love simply natural looking more than digital look.

The name "Natsu" is japanese word, means "Summer"

Work best with LARGE icon size (to see the "texture" of pencil and watercolour of course)

The Icon set composed of 43 icons, .ICO and also 256x256 PNG format.

Enjoy, Use them yourself or feel free to use it on girlfriends's or sister's computer!
Fav or comment if you like~and tell me if there is any idea, request or critic.

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